Affirm Human Rights-NEWSLETTER June 2018

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Affirm Human Rights -NEWSLETTER June 2018

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So far 2018 has highlighted many human rights issues that many parts of the world, particularly the United Kingdom, have to deal with. With the Windrush Generation and unsettling problems to do with Brexit, the UK’s current immigration issues seem to be never-ending. The move of the US embassy to Jerusalem and the continuous attacks in Gaza is causing an increase in volume of unjust treatment of human rights.

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The Ongoing Issue Windrush Generation

People who had arrived in the UK from 1948 to 1971 from Caribbean colonies have now been labelled the Windrush Generation. Named after MV Empire Windrush which was the ship which landed in Tilbury Docks in Essex on the 22nd of June 1948, bringing workers from Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and other Caribbean colonies as a response to post-war labour shortages in the UK. The ship carried 492 passengers and many of them were children who were undocumented, so it is unknown how many people actually belong to the generation. Currently there are 500,000 people resident in the UK who were born in Commonwealth countries, who arrived before 1971. According to the estimates by The Oxford University’s Migration Observation, this also includes Windrush arrivals.

Due to the fact that most of the Windrush generation were mostly children and never applied for travel documents once in the UK, most people aged 47 to 70, do not have to valid documents to provide evidence of permission to continue working, receiving treatment from the NHS and even staying in the UK. The changes in the Immigration laws in 2012, which now require people to have documentation to work, access benefits and rent, has now left several of the Windrush generation fearful of their future today. Many people now from the Generation have been detained or have been threatened to be deported. The Home Office has not been careful or given any good advice to those who could face deportation. The Windrush Generation has worked and lived in this country since they were able to do so, so why is it a problem now? The Government has many people afraid of their future life, especially with finalized Brexit deals starting to arise, the fate the many thousands of Windrush Generation lies in the hands of the Government. Many people who belong to the generation have built their lives and now have family in the UK. Now they fear that their lives which, have being built for so many years, will come to an end. With the 70th Anniversary fast approaching, the relationship between Britain and its once colony Jamaica is now strained due to the treatment of those who travelled on 22nd June 1948 and afterwards.

BUT Sorry is Not Enough – Compensation is a start change is a Must #Fair Immigration Policy

Windrush highlighted the number of unfair issues Migrants are facing such as ,High home office fees, delays, unreasonable restrictions (driving/ renting and opening bank accounts), family separation and even prevention from accessing the NHS treatment! Many of these issues are highlighted in the editors detailed Article:-

The move of the US Embassy in Israel

Towards the end of 2017, the US President Donald Trump ordered the immediate move of the US Embassy in Israel from the capital city Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This indicates that the US believes that Jerusalem to be  the Israeli capital. Whether this was for peace or whether it was due to the President’s and his government religious influence, the announcement on December 6th created uproar between the Israelis and Palestinian. The move supports the Israelis as they believe that Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel while the Palestinians believe that East Jerusalem should be the capital of their future state. The move creates religious conflict. Although the US President said the move would encourage other countries to move their embassies to Jerusalem and create peace, it had an opposite effect. The opening of the new Jerusalem-based embassy was on  14th May and included many guest like President Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. The move and opening ceremony caused Palestinian protests to take place and ended up with the fatal shooting of seven Palestinian.

Gaza Attacks Although many people may have not know the full details about the Gaza- Israeli issue although the problem itself had started in 2006. The current attacks between Israeli Troops and Palestinian resistance protesters are relentless.  

The rates of death are increasing by the day. The amount of innocent people dying over conflict between two states can never be justified. On the 15th May 2018 Gaza faced so some of its deadliest violence unrest since February. With 58 people killed by Israeli force amid protests and over 2,700 people were injured in the violence and the following day, the day the funeral, a further two deaths were reported.

The protests and deaths were on the 70th Anniversary of the creation of Israel and was also the day of the ‘historic’ move of the US embassy but also  the day that the Palestinians call ‘Nakba’ or ‘catastrophe’ which commentates the over 700,000 Palestinians who fled or were expelled from their homes in the war which followed their foundation. The only way of stopping the violence and stopping the killing and death is to work to settle the conflict, but that doesn’t seem like it will happened.  Jeremy Corbyn has been under fire by Jewish leaders and the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netayahu. There has been on going criticism due to anti-Jewish rhetoric and Labour redefining antisemitisim away from the global definition. Leaders actions the row is threatening to engulf the labour party. Jeremy Corbyn has been criticised for not taking sufficient action against party members alleged to have stirred up hatred with anti-Jewish rhetoric and also being criticised for his actions in 2014 laying a wreath at a ceremony for Palestinian fighters and victims from Israel’s aggression. Tensions remain high but Jeremy Corbyn  stressed that both sides in the conflict have committed horrible acts and dialogue needs to be encouraged.   


 Easy EEA applications and Fast Lane for UK passport holders  Theresa May announces there will be smooth online application processes for the EEA Nationals wanting to remain in the UK post BREXIT.  Mrs May also recently confirmed that UK passport holders will have an express lane at Uk immigration boarder posts.

This will come as some comfort as recently Heathrow were critices as queuing time at boarder control reached 2.5 hours

Global Toughening of Immigration Law and Growth of the far right from Europe to Australia!

There has been growth of far right political groups and success and election ballots in countries across Europe. Recently there has been toughening of immigration policies globally  America has restricted migrants from a number of countries from entering the USA. There was world wide condemnation of Trump after he directed that children of illegal immigrants be separated and detained. The policy was nothing less that child abuse and footage of children in cages went viral. Over 1500 children remain separated from their parents. Italian, Malta and Spain all refused a ship with over 200 migrants to dock in their ports. Eventually France accepted the migrants. Now Australia known for Camping asylum seekers in Islands off the coast of the country had a senator make an outlandish comment suggesting an immigration debate including an issue in banning Muslims. He goes on to make other outlandish statements such as Australia is the best example o multiculturalism in the world.

Many of these nations where there is this anti muslim or racial tentions tend to not accurately analyses the history of the indigenous people or oppressions that the migrants[OS1]  have faced 

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